Stoppers vintage glass

Ruby Glass, Headlight Glass Lens, and Market Lights Create the Ultimate car art.

Back in the day, pre-1957, automobile lenses were made of GLASS. Tail lights were made of RUBY GLASS and manufactured by a variety of American Companies like LYNX-EYE and TIGER-EYE, to name just two.

My Sun Benders seeks out automotive glass lenses that are unique in shape and color. Every STOPPER is a representation of some aspect of the vehicle.

The Wheel, 2013, is constructed using various shades of Spectrum Artique glass. The sides represent the tire and the classic RED LINE of the 1960s muscle era. The center piece is a RUBY RED Lynx-eye tail light from a 1932 Ford

We are currently finishing our latest STOPPER titled BOW TIE, 2014. This is our homage to Chevrolet with visions of the Corvette.

Stoppers are also being designed that will honor the old school fenders of the 1940's and 1950's. We have a design currently on the table that will recognize the influence of the legendary motorcycles.

stained Glass PAnels

18 inch X 10 inch and larger

    Can be used for cupboard doors

    Suitable for framing


    Similar to Window panels in size.

    Sectional that can be combined for different effects

Sun Benders

The Inspiration that Started it all.

    Whimsical Adornents for any Window.

    Light weight

    Small enough to travel or have that special place in your RV.

  • Window Panels

    18 inches X 8 inches and smaller.

    Geometric panels