Stained glass in the treasured lead tradition

Our Benders are all constructed using lead came and solder.

Today's stained glass enthusists seem more interested in form over function. Many are using the tinning process when building their pieces. My Sun Benders is dedicated to the old-school technique of using lead came and soldering for a premium product that will last years..

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Stained Glass

Art for Your Windows

Our stained glass is designed with you in mind. Each piece is individually crafted. Colore are choosen to create specific moods. Intended to be as unique as you.

Stained Glass


Abstract representations of The Motor City

Leaded Stained Glass incorporating VINTAGE automobile tail lights, head light lens and marker lights.


Paracord Products

Creating accessories that are as functional as they are beautiful.
  • Paracord Bracelets

    Our bracelets are available with plastic or metal clasps. Every bracelet is made from 100% USA paracord using ONLY made in AMERICA parts.


    We are able to make other items of paracord. Ask about collors for your pets, leashes, gun slings and other items.